Gathering comments

Turn Comments into Information

Our application contains features designed to bring consistency, integrity, and enjoyment to the comment and response management process. It helps discover issues raised by the public and turns this data into usable information that can then be used to make better decisions, improve processes, and improve quality.

Huge time savings

Intuitive & Robust

Easy to use, yet extremely powerful! Its integrated work flow ensures items are allocated, processed, reviewed, and finalized. This allows your team to focus their time on what's important, and not on the minutia of tracking items throughout the life cycle of the project.

Easy to use

Convenient & Inexpensive

No need for servers or IT staff! You only need a computer with internet access. And since it's 100% web-based, your team can be geographically disperse and still operate like a team. Our application is available 24/7/365; whether you're at home, work, or on the road.

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