Our comment and response management system is packed full of features designed to bring efficiency and accuracy to the Public Involvement process. There are single mouse clicks within our application which can easily pay for the price of this software. The return on investment is amazing. To see these features first hand, please contact us and we can setup a quick demo and Q&A using WebEx.
Application Features
  • 100% web-based
  • Accessible from anywhere, any time; you just need an internet connection
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Manage an unlimited number of projects, at the same time
  • You get unlimited user accounts, comments, and disk space
  • A seamless Regulations.gov integration for Federal projects
  • Your very own comment capture web-site. Simple to integrate, and a huge time and money saver! Also, easy and convenient for the public to comment
  • Online comment identification and mark-up
  • Issue development and management. (Issues, aka Topics or Summary Comments)
  • Extensive reporting, graphs, and charts generated from real-time project data
  • Rich MS Word document generation for select reports
  • Google Maps integration for mapping and reporting
  • Export some, or all, of your data at any time
  • Integrated work flow, reducing much of the burden of managing a Public Involvement project
  • Encapsulates "best practices" and enforces the idea of DRY (don't repeat yourself)
  • Response and Review processes built-in
  • Email alerts sent automatically to the appropriate team members when an item has been assigned to them
  • Response publishing module - including generating document and mailing labels; even email responses!
  • We are enterprise-level throughout! Servers, software, security, and scalability
  • Internationalized (i18n). What does that mean? Our software can be used in many different countries and languages... flawlessly. This means titles, labels, and other text will show up in the appropriate language, and dates and numbers will be formatted correctly. Our application works, whether you are in the United States, France, Brazil, or just about anywhere else.
  • ... and so much more!
A tightly integrated workflow is built into the application to ensure all items get properly assigned, reviewed, and responded. This frees your team up to focus on what's truly important, not wasting time performing mundane tasks.
Priced to be Affordable
Our pricing is ridiculously low; especially when you take into account the quality and time savings our application will bring to your project, and the valuable information mined from the comments and feedback. Once you've used our comment management system on your next Public Involvement or Public Participation project, we know you'll agree!

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